The Pillowman marked the first John Leslie feature in which he, himself, did not appear. By not appearing, he proved that he was just as good of a director as an actor, and also that he could get out of other actors, performances almost as good as his own. The story concerns a man who goes by the name of the "Pillowman". As played by Peter North, he is "cocky", confused, and somewhat dumb, but also very likable. As the movie opens, he is searching a house for valuables. He gets caught by the resident (Chanel Price), who orders him to pull his pants down. In seconds, she turns his soft cock into a rock hard one. This then leads to an armchair fuck with the usual cum blast from North. Possibly the best scene of the movie.

Lenght: 01:25:09

Year: 1988

Director: John Leslie

Starring: Aja   
Brandy Wine   
Britt Morgan   
Chanel Price   
Renee Morgan   
Tammy Reynolds   
F.M. Bradley   
Joey Silvera   
Jose Duval   
Peter North   
Tony Montana   

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